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Add one of the Degenbot algo’s to your Tradingview chart and use the signals to trade Bitcoin or other crypto pairs. Degenbot will tell you when to buy and sell. The beauty of this, is that you can use the alerts to automate the algo and let a Bot (Jubot, 3comma’s, etc.) to trade for you! Check our Tradingview profile for more info about the algo’s:

The algo’s come with a strategy backtester, support and a great community to help you!

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No repaint

The algo uses normal candles and the alerts you see on the charts are the alers you will get.

3 Build in strategies

3 flexible strategies to fit your way of trading. 1. Combined, 2. Degen only, 3. Regular

Great community

Get help from other experienced algo traders on our discord

Automate your trading

Use the alerts in the algo’s to automate your trading with a trading bot.

Adjust the algo for other currencies

There are a lot of parameters to tweak in the algo’s. You can adjust it for other currencies like ETH, LTC, XRP

Free trail

Try it for yourselve, sign up for 14 days free backtesting!

So how does the algo work?

So the 15m algo consists out of 3 build in strategies. You can use the strategy that fits you best.

Strategy 1: Combined. This strategy uses a combination of strategy 2 and 3 to go long or short

Strategy 2: Degen. This strategy uses wicks in or out of the EMA range to determine if it will go long or short. This works great for pumps and dumps and choppy markets.

Strategy 3: Regular. This strategy uses a range filter and the steps taken out of the range to determine if the algo will go long or short

You can select the used strategy in the indicator and strategy settings. Unexperienced users should leave it on strategy 1 (combined) The buy and sell signals: The Regular buys / sells are the most important signals. They are rarely wrong but dont have a lot of calls.

The Degen buys / sells do buy or sell when the price wicks up or down. This can go wrong but success rate is like 70% for those calls. With those you can make money very fast.

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1 Algo Choose your algo
$ 50 / Month (min. 3 months)
15M algo
1HR algo
2 Algo's 15M & 1HR algo
$ 75 / Month (min. 3 months)
15M algo
1HR algo
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Our algo's

15M and 1HR degenbot pack

Subscription Starts from $225.00 for each 3 months

1HR Degenbot

Subscription Starts from $150.00 for each 3 months

15M Degenbot

Subscription Starts from $150.00 for each 3 months
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